Published: December 02 2022

Angular - Logout on 401 Unauthorized or 403 Forbidden HTTP Response with Interceptor

A quick example of how to automatically logout of an Angular app if an HTTP request returns a 401 Unauthorized or 403 Forbidden response
Published: December 01 2022

Angular 14 - Redirect to Previous URL after Login with Auth Guard

How to redirect a user back to the previous (original) URL after logging into an Angular 14 application.
Published: November 30 2022

npm WARN deprecated @npmcli/[email protected]: This functionality has been moved to @npmcli/fs

The reason for the npm warning about @npmcli/move-file being deprecated
Published: November 30 2022

Angular 14 - Fake Backend API to Intercept HTTP Requests in Development

A custom fake backend API that intercepts HTTP requests in Angular 14 and returns mock responses to enable front-end development without a real backend API
Published: November 29 2022

Angular 14 - User Registration and Login Example & Tutorial

Tutorial with example of how to implement user registration, login and CRUD functionality with Angular 14.
Published: November 28 2022
Last updated: January 05 2023

.NET 6.0 - Apply Authorize Attribute to All Controllers

How to quickly apply the Authorize Attribute to all controllers by default in .NET 6.0
Published: November 25 2022

Angular CLI - Auto launch browser on localhost after app start with ng serve

How to automatically open the browser on localhost after starting an app with Angular CLI
Published: November 24 2022

Angular - Detect Route Change (Location Change) Event in Angular

How to detect and execute code on route change (location change) in an Angular component
Published: November 23 2022

Angular 14 - Alert (Toaster) Notifications Tutorial & Example

A simple tutorial & example on how to setup alert / toaster notification messages in Angular 14 with Bootstrap
Published: November 22 2022

.NET 6.0 - Connect to InMemory Database with Entity Framework Core

This post shows how to connect a .NET 6 API to an InMemory database for testing with Entity Framework Core.
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