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Hi, my name is Jason Watmore and I'm a web developer from Sydney Australia. I started coding when I was a teenager (a long time ago!) and have loved it ever since, I began my programming career in 1998 during the dot-com boom, I've worked in a lot of different companies over the years and currently run my own small web dev business that I co-founded with my wife Tina (who's also a programmer).

I created this blog in 2011 to share practical tutorials along with working code samples and boilerplate projects for real-world web development problems that I run into in my day to day work. I try to make the tutorials as concise as possible, focusing on the code, structure and functionality, while trying to leave out extra fluff or info that isn't useful.

Initially started as a fun hobby, the blog has grown over the years and become something I'm really passionate about, I find it extremely rewarding to contribute to the web development community and help other devs from around the world. At the moment I spend most of my free time working on the blog, but my goal/dream is to be able to work on it full-time one day.

Remote working on a motorcycle adventure

While running our business remotely, Tina and I are attempting to travel around Australia by motorcycle on a pair of Royal Enfield Himalayans and vlog about it. We're both complete newbies to moto adventure riding and vlogging but thought it'd be an exciting way to explore our own back yard and share our experiences with friends and family. If you feel like taking a break from the code, you can follow our adventures on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and our website TinaAndJason.com.au.

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