Published: February 03 2024

JavaScript - Add Business Days to Date (exclude Holidays & Weekends)

The below code sample shows how to add business days to a date, excluding weekends and public holidays in any specified country and state/region.
Published: August 19 2023

Deploy .NET 6 API to AWS Lambda with SQL Database (RDS) and Email (SES)

Detailed instructions on how to setup an AWS VPC from scratch then deploy a .NET 6 API to AWS Lambda with a SQL Database on AWS RDS (Relational Database Service) and Email via AWS SES (Amazon Simple Email Service).
Published: August 02 2023

TypeScript - Set type on (spread) parameter in destructured object with TS interface

The thing I got stuck on was how to define the type for a parameter in a TypeScript interface.
Published: July 28 2023

Next.js 13 + App Router + MongoDB - User Rego and Login Tutorial with Example

How to build a simple user registration, login and user management (CRUD) application with Next.js 13 (App Router) and MongoDB using TypeScript
Published: July 21 2023

Vanilla JS - HTML Encode in JavaScript

HTML encoding simply replaces HTML special characters like angle brackets with HTML entities so they can be displayed as plain text in a web page.
Published: July 07 2023

Vanilla JS - Slugify a String in JavaScript

A slug is typically all lower case, separated by dashes (hyphens) instead of spaces and doesn't contain any special characters.
Published: June 29 2023

Next.js 13 - Fix for client component ('use client') hangs when fetching data in useEffect hook

I ran into a weird problem this morning that had me stumped for a few hours. One of my client components was causing Chrome to lock up and max out my CPU without giving me any error message.
Published: June 20 2023

Vanilla JS - Wrap Object Methods in Try/Catch to Handle Errors in JavaScript

I created the below function recently to encapsulate error handling logic for multiple JS object methods in a single place.
Published: June 09 2023

Fix for MongooseServerSelectionError: connect ECONNREFUSED ::1:27017

Just ran into this error after updating from Node 16 to Node 18.
Published: June 06 2023

Add Google AdSense to a Single Page App - React, Angular, Vue, Next etc...

I recently integrated Google AdSense into my AngularJS blog and this is how I got it working.
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