Published: March 28 2024

Search all code in chrome dev tools sources tab

Steps to search across all client side code in the Sources tab of Chrome dev tools. Includes all JavaScript, HTML and CSS downloaded to the browser.
Published: March 10 2024

npm pack for local package dependency testing

Steps to test npm package dependencies locally without publishing to npm.
Published: February 03 2024

JavaScript - Add Business Days to Date (exclude Holidays & Weekends)

The below code sample shows how to add business days to a date, excluding weekends and public holidays in any specified country and state/region.
Published: August 19 2023

Deploy .NET 6 API to AWS Lambda with SQL Database (RDS) and Email (SES)

Detailed instructions on how to setup an AWS VPC from scratch then deploy a .NET 6 API to AWS Lambda with a SQL Database on AWS RDS (Relational Database Service) and Email via AWS SES (Amazon Simple Email Service).
Published: August 02 2023

TypeScript - Set type on (spread) parameter in destructured object with TS interface

The thing I got stuck on was how to define the type for a parameter in a TypeScript interface.
Published: July 28 2023

Next.js 13 + App Router + MongoDB - User Rego and Login Tutorial with Example

How to build a simple user registration, login and user management (CRUD) application with Next.js 13 (App Router) and MongoDB using TypeScript
Published: July 21 2023

Vanilla JS - HTML Encode in JavaScript

HTML encoding simply replaces HTML special characters like angle brackets with HTML entities so they can be displayed as plain text in a web page.
Published: July 07 2023

Vanilla JS - Slugify a String in JavaScript

A slug is typically all lower case, separated by dashes (hyphens) instead of spaces and doesn't contain any special characters.
Published: June 29 2023

Next.js 13 - Fix for client component ('use client') hangs when fetching data in useEffect hook

I ran into a weird problem this morning that had me stumped for a few hours. One of my client components was causing Chrome to lock up and max out my CPU without giving me any error message.
Published: June 20 2023

Vanilla JS - Wrap Object Methods in Try/Catch to Handle Errors in JavaScript

I created the below function recently to encapsulate error handling logic for multiple JS object methods in a single place.
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