Published: April 21 2023

Next.js Router - Listen to route (location) change with useRouter

How to detect route changes with Next.js Router to execute code on location change in a Next.js (React) client app.
Published: April 20 2023

Angular 15 Auth Boilerplate - Sign Up with Verification, Login and Forgot Password

How to build a full-featured boilerplate authentication system in Angular that includes email sign up, verification, authentication, role based authorization, forgot password, reset password, view & update my profile, and an admin section for managing all accounts.
Published: April 19 2023

.NET 7.0 + MySQL - Connect to MySQL Database with Dapper in C# and ASP.NET Core

How to connect to a MySQL database with C# in ASP.NET Core using Dapper and ADO.NET
Published: April 18 2023

Next.js - Access Environment Variables from dotenv (.env)

Quick example of how to create and access environment variables in Next.js with a dotenv (.env) file
Published: April 17 2023

MySQL + Dapper - Create database if it doesn't exist on startup with C# and ASP.NET Core

How to auto create a database and tables in MySQL with C#, ASP.NET Core and the Dapper ORM
Published: April 14 2023

.NET 7.0 + Dapper + MySQL - CRUD API Tutorial in ASP.NET Core

How to build a .NET 7.0 CRUD API with Dapper and a MySQL database.
Published: April 13 2023

Next.js 13 Middleware for Authentication and Error Handling on API Routes

This is a quick post to show how to add authentication and error handling middleware to all API routes of a Next.js 13 application.
Published: April 12 2023

GitHub Publish a New Repo with Git CLI Cheat Sheet

Steps to publish a new project to a GitHub repo with the Git CLI
Published: April 11 2023

Next.js 13 + MongoDB - User Registration and Login Tutorial with Example App

In this tutorial we'll go through an example of how to build a simple user registration, login and user management (CRUD) application with Next.js and MongoDB.
Published: April 07 2023

Angular Template-Driven Forms - Validation on Submit

How to trigger form validation on submit with Template-Driven Forms in Angular.
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