Posts for February 2020

Published: February 17 2020

React - Alert (Toaster) Notifications

A simple tutorial & example on how to setup alert / toaster notifications in React using RxJS and Bootstrap.
Published: February 10 2020

React - How to add Global CSS / LESS styles to React with webpack

The below steps show how to quickly add a global LESS / CSS stylesheet to your React application using Webpack.
Published: February 08 2020

React + Formik 2 - Form Validation Example

Quick example of how to setup form validation in React with the Formik 2 library. Includes validation for email, required checkbox and password/confirm password matching.
Published: February 08 2020

React + Formik - Required Checkbox Example

This is a quick example of how to implement a required checkbox field in React with Formik using the Yup object schema validator.
Published: February 05 2020

Connect to remote MongoDB on AWS EC2 simply and securely via SSH tunnel

To connect to a remote MongoDB server running on AWS EC2 that only allows local connections you can use an SSH tunnel, also known as SSH port forwarding.
Published: February 01 2020
Last updated: April 22 2021

React + Fetch - HTTP POST Request Examples

A quick set of examples to show how to send HTTP POST requests from React to a backend API using fetch()
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