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.NET 6.0 - Database Migrations to Different DB Per Environment (SQLite in Dev, SQL Server in Prod)

An example of how to setup a .NET 6.0 project with Entity Framework Migrations that supports multiple different database providers.
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.NET 6.0 - JWT Authentication with Refresh Tokens Tutorial with Example API

How to implement JWT authentication with Refresh Tokens in a .NET 6.0 API. Includes example client app built with Angular.

.NET 6.0 - Create and Validate JWT Tokens + Use Custom JWT Middleware

This is a quick example of how to create and validate JWT tokens in .NET 6.0. We'll also cover how to implement custom JWT authentication using custom JWT middleware and a custom authorize attribute.

.NET 6.0 - Global Error Handler Tutorial with Example

This is a quick post to show how to implement a global exception handler in .NET 6.0

.NET 6.0 - Hash and Verify Passwords with BCrypt

This is a quick example of how to hash and verify passwords in .NET 6.0 using the BCrypt.Net-Next password hashing library, a C# implementation of the bcrypt password hashing function.

.NET 6.0 - User Registration and Login Tutorial with Example API

How to build a .NET 6.0 API that supports user registration, login with JWT authentication and CRUD operations. Includes example client apps built with Angular, Blazor, React & Vue.
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