Posts for February 2022

Published: February 26 2022

.NET 6.0 - Boilerplate API Tutorial with Email Sign Up, Verification, Authentication & Forgot Password

How to build a boilerplate .NET 6.0 API that supports email sign up, verification, authentication, role based access control, forgot password, reset password and account management (CRUD) functionality.
Published: February 18 2022

.NET 6.0 - Role Based Authorization Tutorial with Example API

How to build an API with role based authorization / access control in .NET 6.0 & C#. Includes example client apps built with Angular, React and Vue.
Published: February 04 2022

.NET 6.0 - Minimal API Tutorial and Example

A step by step tutorial on how to build a minimal .NET 6.0 API from scratch with a couple of example endpoints/routes, with details on every line of code and configuration to show how it all fits together.
Published: February 01 2022

.NET 6.0 - Execute EF Database Migrations from Code on Startup

This is a super quick example of how to automatically migrate database changes on startup from code in .NET 6.0 using Entity Framework in the Program.cs file.
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