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November 28 2018

Node.js - Role Based Authorization Tutorial with Example API

How to build an API with role based authorization / access control in Node.js & JavaScript. Includes example client apps built with Angular, React and Vue.
September 24 2018

NodeJS - Basic Authentication Tutorial with Example API

How to implement Basic HTTP Authentication in Node.js with JavaScript. Includes example client apps built with React, Angular & Vue.
August 07 2018

JavaScript - Pure Pagination Logic in Vanilla JS / TypeScript

Pure pagination logic written in JavaScript and available on npm
August 06 2018

NodeJS - JWT Authentication Tutorial with Example API

How to implement JWT authentication in Node with JavaScript. Includes example client apps built with React, Angular & Vue.
June 14 2018

NodeJS + MongoDB - Simple API for Authentication, Registration and User Management

A clean and simple custom NodeJS API for Login, Registration and User Management.
May 23 2018

Node - Get Public Key From Private Key with JavaScript

How to get the public key from a private key using JavaScript running on Node. Useful for AWS Key Pairs.
July 19 2016

Plunker - Embed Only Preview Pane

How to embed a plunk showing only the preview pane, plus other display options.
February 09 2016

CSS3 - Sticky Header on Scroll Example

How to add an animated sticky header to a website using almost pure CSS with just a touch of javascript.
January 31 2016

AngularJS - Pagination Example with Logic like Google

Google style pagination logic in AngularJS and JavaScript.
November 07 2015

AngularJS - Google Analytics with the UI Router

This is a quick post to show how to setup Google Analytics page/route tracking in an Angular application that uses the UI Router.
May 26 2014

AngularJS Basic HTTP Authentication Example

An example of how to setup a simple login page with HTTP Basic Authentication using AngularJS, and also keep the user logged in after the page is refreshed.
April 18 2014

Post a simple string value from AngularJS to .NET Web API

How to post a simple string parameter in the body of an HTTP request from AngularJS to ASP.NET Web API
March 25 2014

AngularJS - A Better Way to Implement a Base Controller

The simplest way to setup controller inheritance in AngularJS.
February 15 2014

AngularJS - Reverse Geocoding Directive

This is a little custom AngularJS directive that converts GPS coordinates (latitude/longitude) into an address, otherwise known as reverse geocoding, using the Google Maps API.
May 08 2012

Add HTML5 placeholder support to older browsers

This is a handy javascript function that I use on a lot of my sites to ensure that the html5 placeholder attribute is supported by older browsers.
December 16 2011

jQuery Searchable DropDown - fixes for IE9 bug and dynamically added items

I recently tried out the jQuery Searchable DropDown (v1.0.7) from and it worked perfectly except for 2 things:
November 18 2011

Validate date dropdown lists with JavaScript / jQuery

A simple javascript function for validating a date that's input using 3 dropdown lists
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