Published: February 15 2014

AngularJS - Reverse Geocoding Directive

This is a little custom AngularJS directive that converts GPS coordinates (latitude/longitude) into an address, otherwise known as reverse geocoding, using the Google Maps API.

Here it is in action: (See on Plunker at


  • Install using Bower: bower install angular-reverse-geocode
  • Or download the code from GitHub and include the angular-reverse-geocode.js file in your page, it's available on GitHub at
  • Or copy the AngularJS Directive Code below and add to your application

Add the 'angularReverseGeocode' directive as a dependency of your AngularJS application:

angular.module('myApp', ['angularReverseGeocode']);



To display the physical address / location of GPS coordinates, add the reverse-geocode tag to your AngularJS view with attributes containing lat and long coordinates, e.g:

<reverse-geocode lat="40.730885" lng="-73.997383" />

If the GPS coordinates are coming from scope variables set in your AngularJS controller you need to use curly-brace expression bindings, e.g:

<reverse-geocode lat="{{model.latitude}}" lng="{{model.longitude}}" />


AngularJS Directive Code

angular.module('[YourAppName]', [])
    .directive('reverseGeocode', function () {
        return {
            restrict: 'E',
            template: '<div></div>',
            link: function (scope, element, attrs) {
                var geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder();
                var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(, attrs.lng);
                geocoder.geocode({ 'latLng': latlng }, function (results, status) {
                    if (status == google.maps.GeocoderStatus.OK) {
                        if (results[1]) {
                        } else {
                            element.text('Location not found');
                    } else {
                        element.text('Geocoder failed due to: ' + status);
            replace: true


Directive Dependencies

To get this custom angular directive working you'll need to include the google maps api script (// and of course the angularjs script (//


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