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Published: April 27 2023

.NET 7.0 + Postgres CRUD API with Angular Front End App

How to build a full stack CRUD app with a .NET 7.0 API, PostgreSQL database and Angular front end.
Published: April 05 2023

Postgres CRUD Operations in C# with Dapper Repository

How to perform CRUD operations on a PostgreSQL database in C# with a Dapper Repository
Published: March 28 2023

.NET 7.0 + Postgres - Connect to PostgreSQL Database with Dapper in C# and ASP.NET Core

How to connect to a PostgreSQL database with C# in ASP.NET Core using Dapper and ADO.NET
Published: March 27 2023

Postgres + Dapper - Create database if it doesn't exist on startup with C# and ASP.NET Core

How to auto create a database and tables in PostgreSQL with C#, ASP.NET Core and the Dapper ORM
Published: March 23 2023
Last updated: April 13 2023

.NET 7.0 + Dapper + PostgreSQL - CRUD API Tutorial in ASP.NET Core

How to build a .NET 7.0 CRUD API with Dapper and a PostgreSQL database.
Published: June 23 2022

.NET 6.0 - Connect to PostgreSQL Database with Entity Framework Core

This post shows goes through the steps to connect a .NET 6 API to PostgreSQL using Entity Framework Core, and automatically create/update the PostgreSQL database from code using EF Core migrations.
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