Published: November 25 2022

Angular CLI - Auto launch browser on localhost after app start with ng serve

This is a super quick tutorial to show how to automatically open the browser on localhost after starting an app with Angular CLI.

Pass the --open option to ng serve

Run the following Angular CLI command to start the application and automatically launch it in a new browser window.

ng serve --open

Ng serve command output

Here's the output from the command when I ran it on an Angular 14 project, it automatically opened in Chrome (my default browser) after compiling.

> ng serve --open
✔ Browser application bundle generation complete.

Initial Chunk Files   | Names         |  Raw Size
vendor.js             | vendor        |   2.39 MB |
polyfills.js          | polyfills     | 318.10 kB |
styles.css, styles.js | styles        | 210.36 kB |
main.js               | main          |  38.35 kB |
runtime.js            | runtime       |   6.56 kB |

                      | Initial Total |   2.95 MB

Build at: 2022-11-23T02:38:22.490Z - Hash: 98d10ea69f118837 - Time: 10496ms

** Angular Live Development Server is listening on localhost:4200, open your browser on http://localhost:4200/ **

√ Compiled successfully.

Install or update Angular CLI

If you need to install or update Angular CLI, execute the following npm command.

npm install -g @angular/cli


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