Posts tagged "CSS3"

January 24 2017

Angular 2/5 - Custom Modal Window / Dialog Box

UPDATED Nov 29, 2017 to Angular 5.0.3 - Simple Modal Window in Angular 2/5. Custom example without the need for 3rd party libraries.
July 13 2016

AngularJS - Custom Modal Example & Tutorial

How to build your own custom modal popups in AngularJS without the need for 3rd party libraries such as UI Bootstrap.
February 09 2016

CSS3 - Sticky Header on Scroll Example

How to add an animated sticky header to a website using almost pure CSS with just a touch of javascript.
May 08 2012

Add HTML5 placeholder support to older browsers

This is a handy javascript function that I use on a lot of my sites to ensure that the html5 placeholder attribute is supported by older browsers.
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